5 Tips For The Ultimate Farmers Market Trip

5 Tips for the Ultimate Farmers' Market Trip

The Surf City Nights Farmers' Market and Street Fair, held every Tuesday in Downtown Huntington Beach, is home to numerous vendors, entertainers, shops and more. While Huntington Beach has no shortage of talent the Farmers' Market is the real star of the show. 100's of people come every week to pick up some of the freshest produce available in Orange County. To make the most of your Tuesday night shopping trips to HB here are five tips to a great Farmers' Market run.


1. Shop Early or Shop Late

I'm not saying that you shouldn't try to take in all that the Surf City Nights Farmers' Market and Street Fair have to offer, but the time you decide to buy your produce DOES make a difference. If you're one of the first ones there, you have first access to the best and freshest each vendor has to offer. Conversely, better deals may be had towards the end of the evening as vendors want to go home with as little produce as possible.

2. Bring Cash

While mobile credit card payments are becoming more and more abundant, many farmers' market vendors operate out of a cash box. Bringing small bills will save everyone time and save you a trip to the ATM.

3. Know What's in Season

California grows about 80% of fruits and veggies in the US, but that doesn't mean that you will necessarily be able to find the produce your looking for in the wrong season. Do some research online before heading downtown to see what is in season this summer to ensure you get the best possible produce for your buck.

4. Don't Be Shy!

One of the best things about the Farmers' Market is that it allows you the unique opportunity to talk to the person who grew the produce. That doesn't happen at Vons! Don't be afraid to ask what is particularly good that day or about food you don't recognize. If you want some pointers on how to cook a certain veggie just ask! Surf City Nights is a fantastic social setting, and this experience extends to the Farmers' Market.

5. Try Something New

There is a whole variety of products to try at Surf City Nights. Spice your routine up and make it a point to try something new every time you visit. Who knows, you may find a new favorite.

Bonus Tip: Have Fun!

Surf City Night's is a fantastic way to spend a Tuesday night all summer long. Stay tuned to our social media outlets and website for all of the vendor and event news. Have fun, see you next Tuesday!

Posted 02 Jul 2014 20:41.