Five Tips For Keeping Our Beach Clean This Earth Day

Five Tips for Keeping Our Beach Clean this Earth Day

Earth Day is a time for all of us to assess how the things we do in everyday life effect the planet. It's a good time to remember to do the little things to keep the planet, and our communities, clean and safe for us as well as future generations. Being that Earth Day comes at the end of April, it also signals that summer time is right around the corner.

For those of us who live and work in Surf City, we know what every summer brings. Large crowds of people from all over the world flock to our 3.5 miles of shoreline during the summer months. While the increased crowds are fantastic for local businesses, it does put an added stress on keeping our most precious asset clean. Below are five easy trips to keep our beaches clean, both during the summer and the off season!


1. Bring Reusable or Recyclable Containers

Pack your own food or drinks in recyclable or reusable containers. This will not only save you money on concessions but also reduce your environmental impact. An ice chest with reusable water bottles will keep you and your friends/family cool and hydrated the entire trip! If you have to use single serve containers make sure to throw them away ASAP to prevent the trash from blowing away and possibly ending up in our ocean. There are a variety of apps for iPhone and Android that will help you locate on of the many recycle bins located around our beaches.

2. Rent a Beach Cruiser

This one is extra simple. We all know what a pain parking can be in Huntington Beach during the summer months. Skip the headache and enjoy the beach on a bicycle. If you don't own one there are multiple local businesses that will be more than happy to rent you a mode of transportation for the day. This will help reduce the amount of emissions put into the air, and as a bonus you can get a little bit of a bonus work out towards that beach body you've been working so hard for.

3. Buy Local

Whether it's souvenirs or tasty food for your beach day buying local will help to reduce the stress on the environment by reducing packaging and shipping costs that are part of shopping with larger retailers. Huntington Beach offers a wide variety of local vendors who sell just about anything you could ever need. Most of these vendors can be found every Tuesday night at the Surf City Nights Street Fair and Certified Farmers' Market!

4. "Green" Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a vital part of any beach day, but did you know that certain sun blocks have a negative impact on our environment and your skin? When chemical-based sunscreen washes off in the ocean, it can leave behind residues that are harmful marine life, particularly coral reefs, according to a 2008 study published in Environmental Health Perspective. Active chemical ingredients can also penetrate your skin, which poses a potential health risk, according to research conducted by the non-profit Environmental Working Group. Opt for a biodegradable, mineral-based sunscreen for protection that’s healthy for you and the planet.

5. Get Involved in a Beach Clean Up

Unfortunately not everyone will follow all of these tips. Keeping our beaches clean extends beyond your family's day at the beach. There are numerous organizations in Huntington Beach, such as Surfrider, that organize and put on tons of beach cleanups all year round. However, you don’t have to wait for an organized event. Make a habit of cleaning up when you’re at the beach, or you can adopt a beach with a group of friends and make it an ongoing project.

These easy steps will help keep Huntington Beach beautiful all summer long. Happy Earth Day everyone!

Posted 23 Apr 2014 16:09.