Music Spotlight On Sabrina Lentini

It’s Tuesday, and the people of Huntington Beach know what fun is in store for them tonight! After the sun starts to set behind the beautiful pier, the streetlights come on, the road blockers go up and HB’s Main Street starts to come alive; you would swear it was a weekend night by all the commotion. Laughter and music can be heard from miles away as the locals gather with their friends, families, dates and dogs to casually peruse Surf City Nights on HB’s bustling downtown Main Street.

A tradition that many have grown to love and partake in, there really is nothing more relaxing than taking a trip downtown to visit the local vendors, famers, artists and musicians on the sidelines of the street. Delicious food, deals on local brand attire, and live entertainment for everyone to enjoy is the usual on a Tuesday night here in Huntington. What can we say, we love showing off our local love!

Sabrina Lentini is only 16 years old and has already been nominated for “Best Youth Artist” last year during the OC Music Awards and was selected to play at the ASCAP Expo for the Women's International Music Network Showcase.


Sabrina Lentini learned how to play a guitar at the age of ten and at the age of fifteen started her rock star career. Sabrina was fortunate enough to work with well-known artists like Jordan Sparks,, and Jennifer Hudson. Since then, Sabrina has developed a strong and confident passion for singing and song writing and continues to write all her material. Her optimism and talent has allowed Sabrina to travel and perform up and down the coast of Cali at famous venues such as the Whiskey A GoGo in West Hollywood, The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, the Del Mar Fair in San Diego, and The Galaxy in Santa Ana. Just last year Sabrina self-released her first record, No Price For Love, along with a music video.

Sabrina is a So Cal phenom who has a unique and inspiring music style that many locals love and remember from her previous shows. Be sure to stay posted to our Facebook page to see when you can catch Miss Sabrina again!

Posted 19 Feb 2014 21:29.