Saying Goodbye To Summer With Surf City Days

As this amazing, sizzling Summer’s end draws near, Huntington Beach still has one last bash for you to bring your friends and family to. Surf City Days will be hitting downtown Huntington Beach on Saturday, September 13th and Sunday, September 14th. Free and open to the public, this event has something for everyone! Come spend your weekend downtown in the sunshine and participate or just observe as Huntington bids Summer farewell by hosting the annual and awesome Surf City Days!

Here is what the schedule looks like for this fun filled weekend:


Saturday and Sunday

~ HB’s 44th Annual Surf Contest goes on both days- sponsored by HB’s Service Department, HSS and Dukes. Participation is limited to residents of the HB Union High School District. Keep in mind, all surfers must show valid school ID and birth certificate before the event. Sign up at HB Sands Magazine or click here:

~ The CBVA Volleyball Tournament will also be taking place both days. If you are looking to qualify for your Unrated or AA, head to the nets on Saturday and if you want to try to qualify for your A or Open wait for Sunday. To register, contact Therese Butler at 714.724.2453 or at moc.loa|tubesereht#moc.loa|tubesereht or enter online at

~ Race to Victory 3rd Annual Stand Up Paddle Race sponsored by Michelob Ultra will also be held on Saturday and Sunday on the south side of the pier. Advanced and intermediate racers will be put to the test by completing a challenging “V” course. Helmets are required and also provided for all who choose to partake in this event.

~ Old Skool 3rd Annual Skate Competition presented and hosted by Enlarge Media Group and HB Culture Magazine will also take place both days from noon until 4 pm on Main and Walnut. Professional boarders, riders and tricksters will be autographing boards, skating in the streets and showing off their skills. Prizes will be awarded to skaters for Best Dressed, Best Hippy Jump, Highest Ollie and Best Flatland.

Saturday Only

~ HSS/Surfline Demo Day will take place later on during Saturday only. The entire first block of Main Street will be closed down and several local vendors will be bringing out their company’s surfboards, fins, wet suites, and all other surf related gear; all available to test try before you buy! There will also be well-known board shapers who will be mowing and shaving foam all day long.

~ The GREEN Expo concludes Saturday’s events, presented by the HB Chamber of Commerce hoping to educate the community on how to live more sustainably and save money. Keynote speakers will be presenting at the Shorebreak Hotel and more than 50 exhibitors will fill Pier Plaza embracing and promoting a greener lifestyle.

Sunday Only

~ California Fit Challenge, a new event this year, will occur mid-day on Sunday at Pier Plaza where fitness teams (comprised of 2 men and 2 woman) from all over will compete against one another in 4 Blazing Fast Workouts in front of the public.

~ Surfin’ Sundays hosted by The International Museum of Surfing will also take place at Pier Plaza all day on Sunday. Scheduled performers will be playing relaxing and mellow music live from 11 until 5pm.

So, come on down to beautiful HB the second weekend in September and find some fun to get into! Bring the family, your friends, your camera, your shades and some sun block, and wrap up summer 2014 the right way, by going to Surf City Days in Huntington Beach!

For more information about the event, visit:

Posted 27 Aug 2014 22:17.