Surf City's Starbucks Gets A Makeover

Whether you are an HB local or a someone that frequently checks out the downtown area, you would have noticed that the neighborhood Starbucks on Main and Olive was recently under some construction. Two weeks and a Grand Opening later, the place is proud to open its doors and show off the new perks the community will hopefully enjoy.

When speaking with Sean, the Main Street branch manager, he went into great detail about the new features his store has to offer.

"They tore the place completely up," he mentioned, "they totally rebuilt it from the ground up."

New reclaimed wood was used for the walls, the customer sitting area was widened by one foot, a comfortable bar area was installed, restrooms were finally added and a beautifully unique, one of a kind, mural is now displayed above once you enter the sunny Starbucks.

However, the major addition is the fancy new Clover brewing system. This new innovative way to brew a single cup of perfect coffee was first developed in 2007 and only a select few Starbucks locations offer the machine. Sean boasted that there are only six locations in so cal have the press, including his.

The Clover brewing system is a reverse vacuum French Press that brews a single cup of coffee right in front of you. The Clover offers a deeper experience for the coffee drinker; each cup is carefully prepared and made to order with digitally controlled brew time and temperature.

While sitting at the new bar top at Starbucks, you can watch as the stainless steel filter lowers into the brew chamber which is surrounded by a thermal blanket keeping the water within one degree Fahrenheit of the ideal temperature. As soon as the coffee is done brewing, it is pulled through a 70-micron filter; the resulting grounds are pushed to the top and the richest most exquisite coffee flows into the cup in front of you.

We haven't even touched on the beans! The Clover brewing system has the opportunity to introduce the Starbucks customers to some truly remarkable coffee from around the world. When Starbucks hand selects the beans, some are so incredibly delicious and scarce only a few locations are able to sell the beans. However, now, the few locations with the Clover system are now able to introduce more of the exotic, high quality beans to their customers.

Starbucks swears it is the best cup of coffee you'll ever have. Sean agrees, you can taste the difference. He also went on to mention that aside from the new beans his store is getting, a few new artistic attractions are also on their way. A Starbucks surfboard is being made as of right now and is planning on being displayed in the store in a few weeks. Huntington Beach local, Hamboards, is also creating Starbucks their very own engraved skateboard that will hang on the inside north wall of the store.

So, this summer when you need a quick cup of joe or care to watch one brewed right in front of your very eyes, check out HB's Starbucks on Main and Olive. The place has new innovative features along with a cool, laid back local vibe.

Posted 20 May 2014 16:17.