Vendor Spotlight

Keeping it Spicy at Surf City Nights

The Bloody Mary is one of the most popular cocktails in America. Served throughout the country and widely regarded as a go-to hang over cure, the Bloody Mary also carries multiple variations on it's recipes as it's fans searched for the perfect cocktail. It was that search that lead Surf City Nights Farmers' Market vendor Backyard Mary to develop their perfect mix for the enigmatic brunch drink. Every Tuesday since 2013 Backyard Mary can be found at Surf City Nights selling mason jars of their secret blend.

The search for the perfect Bloody Mary began in 2004. The Backyard Mary team searched through markets, liquor stores, swap meets and local bars, but didn't end up finding what they were looking for. They found that despite always containing the same spirit, the flavors of Bloody Marys were inconsistent at best.


"Frustrated ​& determined", the team set out to make their own consistent and tasty Bloody Mary Mix with a nice "Kick!" They gathered a mass amount of spices coupled with Tomato Juice, Worcestershire Lemon Juice, Tabasco, and Horseradish.

After six months of experimentation the mix that the team was looking for was born. They took the fact that the mix was homemade and came up with Backyard Mary. To further drive home the "homemade" vibe, they decided to package and sell Backyard Mary mix in 32 oz. mason jars.

Backyard Mary mix continues a great tradition of vendors at Surf City Nights selling high quality food and drinks made from the best ingredients. Their medium spicy mix ("Happy Spicy") is hugely popular amongst Huntington Beach visitors looking for a way to kick up their Sunday Brunch. Be sure to visit their website for information and recipes, and stay tuned to their social media for event and product updates!

Posted 02 Jul 2014 20:43.