Vendor Spotlight: Conscious Foods

Clean Eating at Surf City Nights with Conscious Foods

There are many benefits to shopping at a certified Farmer's Market. The food and produce being purchased from the various vendors is guaranteed to be fresh, organic and grown by the vendor. Surf City Nights takes it a step further by providing these healthy shopping options in addition to fantastic live music, events, and numerous vendors of non-food products. Conscious Foods, based in Orange County, gives healthy-thinking Surf City Nights visitors something special by offering fresh, organic, GMO-free chips and spreads at their booth every Tuesday night.

Conscious Foods set out to offer clean eating alternatives to everyday snack foods by providing foods that have both nutrition and appeal. Their first product line, an almond based spread name Amygalda has a short list of ingredients that Conscious Foods prides themselves on.


Each of it's carefully selected ingredients has a health benefit and "delivers a somewhat familiar taste, yet it remains new, and it is good for the body". Conscious Foods consistently strives to deliver delicious, healthy foods to meet the demands of an increasingly health conscious population. This is especially true in Huntington Beach, where different flavors of the Amygalda dip such as Jalepeno Cilantro and Tomato Basil are a Surf City Nights favorite.

The true beauty of the Surf City Nights Farmers' Market and Street Fair is the sheer variety of sights, sounds, and of course, tastes that one will encounter on any given Tuesday night. In addition to normal street fair staples such as funnel cakes and tacos Conscious Foods sets itself apart by providing visitors delicious, healthy snack foods. The low carb, gluten/artificial flavor/preservative-free offerings from Conscious Foods provide the perfect snacks for those getting their beach body ready as we inch closer and closer to summer. Stop by and check out their products, you won't be disappointed.

Posted 26 Mar 2014 17:24.